Saturday, 11 February 2012

One of my favourite films - New Cross Dressing Cuckold Husband

This film by JanB is absolutely amazing. Watching it really puts me in my place and I realise how pathetic and submissive I am. I fantasise about being degraded in such a manner and so badly humiliated. It would feel so right though, since it is who I am. It is the place in society I was born to occupy - the sissy cuck maid.

I would love to be dressed up and verbally humiliated at the same time. Then told to call her lover and BEG him on the phone to come over and fuck my wife. When he arrives I greet him in my uniform and help serve the two of them as they laugh at me. My final job is just to assist them in the bedroom and let my wife have the pleasure I cannot give her. To show how submissive I am to both of them I kiss her bull's ass and suck on his big cock. God I am pathetic!

Here are some scenes from the film. Find the film, play with your little clitty and accept what a loser sissy white boy you are.

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