Monday, 9 December 2013

London Fetish clubs

A long time since my last post but I have been very active. I have been to a lot of clubs lately in the London fetish scene and thought I would report on the happenings

29th November - Club Pedestal
The best femdom club in London if not in the world. I arrived and got approached by an attractive black Mistress who coerced me into taking part in the best man competition. An Asian Mistress who I had met before asked me if I would film with her. I was drunk and said yes, but I should have probably refused the offer.

The best dressed man competition was a little boring and I should have spent the time meeting more people. After the competition I approached a younger domme, we chatted but all that came out of it was that we got off since she wanted to make another slave who had been approaching her jealous.

It was getting late so I plucked up my courage and approached two dommes. One was younger, Polish with short hair. She had a posh look going with elbow length gloves, a dress and black shoes. The other was in rubber, English and had a fascinator hanging over her face. I offered a foot massage and the Polish domme accepted. We chatted a lot to the point her friend complained I wasn't worshiping her enough haha. I massaged her feet, kissed them and kissed her gloved hands. She then bent me over the sofa and whipped my ass with a flogger. It was a hot experience. We agreed to meet the next day.

30th November - WonderlandWonderland is more of a fun, colourful fetish party and held in a great fetish venue - The Flying Dutchman in South London.

I met the Polish girl again, this time she was wearing a cheerleader outfit. She introduced me to one of her friends - a transsexual porn star, who wanted to meet the cute boy she had met the night before.

We went down to the couples area and just chatted for a while. Her friends left and she told me to worship her body. We kissed and I went down on her, fingering her until she came. We carried on manically and she started squirting all over her cheerleader outfit. She started sucking me off but I wanted to come on her pretty slutty white outfit. I started fingering her anally but it might have been a bit too much for her. We carried on until I came and we collapsed. It is probably the furthest I have gone in public so far. It was quite intense doing it in a room filled with other people and couples.

7th December - Torture Garden
Torture Garden is probably the biggest and most famous club, with more of a nightclub feeling to it. I went in latex like all the other nights and met a couple of girls I knew from Pedestal. The girl I knew best was wearing a latex bra, jodhpurs and riding boots. She had bought a crop just for the occasion.

She wanted to be spanked so I used her crop and my hands  until her bottom was glowing through her trousers. She returned the favour to me and whilst I was bent over another girl asked to join in which was fun.

We carried on in the same vein, spanking, kissing and I got to lick her breasts. I wanted to do more that night, but she had not been to that many clubs before.


I will hopefully meet the Polish girl at fetish party in a mansion house at the start of the new year. I hope we can take everything further.

I want her as my slut. I want to come in her face and fuck her up the ass. At the same time I want to switch and also try the opposite. I want to be a slave on a leash, kissing her boots as she stands over me. I want to worship her body and rim her. She is into strap ons, so I would like her to fuck my face and take me from behind like a cheap slut; slapping me about and spitting on me once she is finished. Maybe we can also mess around with some of her friends ;-)

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