Monday, 5 December 2011


Why have I created this blog?
It is to document and encourage my training towards what I am destined to be – a pathetic sissy maid. I realised from an early age that I was a sissy. I am submissive, effeminate, slutty, pathetic and need to be told what to do.

I wasn’t born with a penis, but a little clitty. It made me realise my place in this world – to serve others. I am a beta human, not meant to breed with alphas but instead just make their life easier. My little clitty has always been too small to interest any female, and I was thus forced to renounce my male status and adopt the gender between male and female reserved for betas like me – a sissy.

As a little sissy I recognise my calling. I cannot make any woman happy and will just dedicate my life to serving superior dominant people. My job in this world is to please them, to take punishment if it amuses them, to take their abuse, to take over domestic duties, to become a slut if they want to relieve themselves, to act as their toilet if they feel like humiliating me and to serve them financially if they want to put me to work. This is my life now.

I have always been a joke, just their to amuse my superiors. Shaking my little clitty for them to laugh at.
I need to adopt my real place in this world, an excited, effeminate little sissy

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