Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lesson Two


I have learned that to increase a sissy’s submission she should always have her little clitty locked away in chastity. It symbolises giving up power to a Superior and admitting that your little clitty isn’t capable of pleasuring anyone and thus should be locked away.

To make the clitty look pretty and feminine a little bright ribbon should always be used. Or a sissy pouch could be purchased to increase the humiliation.

I think about two weeks of chastity between each ejaculation is an ideal time, which keeps the sissy on her toes at all times. This period of chastity should of course be extended if the sissy does not behave herself and needs a punishment. If a sissy is allowed to ejaculate it should be a ruined orgasm to give the sissy as little pleasure as possible. Once she has had her orgasm she should be made to eat the cum and then sent straight back to house duties.

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